Commit 2f15dda6 authored by Samuel Elliott's avatar Samuel Elliott

Fix speaker lightbulb service

parent 70c06639
......@@ -344,7 +344,7 @@ class TVAccessory {
.on('get', callback => this.getVolume().then(data => callback(undefined, data)).catch(callback))
.on('set', (volume, callback) => this.setVolume(volume).then(data => callback(undefined, data)).catch(callback));
return Object.defineProperty(this, 'speaker_lightbulb_service', {configurable: true, value: speaker_lightbulb_service}).speaker_lightbulb_service;
return Object.defineProperty(this, 'speaker_lightbulb_service', {configurable: true, value: speaker_service}).speaker_lightbulb_service;
callMediaRendererAction(service, action, args) {
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